Pathfinders Revue History

The Qantas Pathfinders’ Revue was the brainchild of Qantas Crew members Vic Allen and Peter Owens and had its humble beginnings in 1975.


On 11 November 1975, a one time only show “My Fair Hostie” was staged at The Illawarra Catholic Club, Hurstville. Jim Thorley took the stage along with Vic and Peter, who also wrote the show, and John Short on piano. Working backstage were Colin Burgess, Helen Canham, John Gollan and Steve Frame; along with spouses roped in to help (see nothing’s changed!) Kerry Thorley and Lynne Owens.

Now decades later, the Qantas Pathfinders’ Revue has a cast, production crew and band totalling almost 100 people who volunteer their time and energy. Made up from Qantas employees and friends, the Revue is one of the largest revenue earners for the Pathfinders’ Committee.

The show offers a topical blend of material, good variety, intermingled with clever songs and funny “skits”, well thought-out build-up points, crisp timing and choreography. Based on the day-to-day life of the airline industry, the satire translates well to any industry.


At the Revue we are always looking for fresh ideas and faces to help bring each year’s show to its audience. Don’t worry if you think you don’t have the necessary skills we can always find a job that needs to be done!

The Revue are on the look out for people who can write, perform, play an instrument, work backstage, wield a paintbrush, sew a frock or two, and all those technical type things without which the show wouldn’t happen.

If you are interested in volunteering please contact: